As previously advised the Shire has committed to paving all back laneways throughout the kampong. This will be a 2 – 3 year project, which commenced in July 2016, with a dedicated shire team making 1400 bricks per day.
Part funding was obtained for this project which will include the provision of a uniformed fence to each property adjoining a laneway. This will allow for the clear identification of the rear boundaries of each property.
The Shire will commence the construction of the first paved laneway this week. This will be the laneway behind houses 29 to 32 and 53 to 56. As part of the project the shire staff will work with, and assist any resident that has a current building / structure that has been built over the boundary, and will be assisting in fixing these problems. Residents may have already seen this happening. The Shire will then continue along this laneway in a southerly direction.
Access to your back laneway will be restricted and the Shire will be working with individuals to temporary relocate their boats and vehicles during the construction period. It is anticipated that residents adjoining a laneway under construction will be affected for a period of approximately 4 weeks, and we will ensure that we keep affected residents up to date throughout this project. Every effort is being made to minimize the amount of disruption to all residents.
For specific information on this project, and to further discuss any impact that this may have on you and your property, please contact the Shire’s work Manager, Mr. Ian Evans on 9162 6649 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.