As 2017 draws to an end the Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands would like to give the community an update on some key projects happening at the Shire at the moment.

Road South End of the Runway

The Shire would like to thank all residents and visitors for their patience regarding the rectification of the road.  The road at the South End of the runway on West Island has had a detour in place since the large tides we experienced in September.  With each significant high tide event we unfortunately lost more and more of the road. The Shire has submitted a proposal to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to sandbag a 48m section along the affected area to tie in with the existing sandbags. There are low tides suitable to carry out the sandbagging work in February and we are hopeful to be in a position to carry out the job at that time. In the meantime the detour will remain in place and the Shire thanks Toll for granting us permission to temporarily divert the road onto airport land.

Cyclone Shelter Home Island

Community members may have noticed that the roofing at the Cyclone Shelter has been replaced along with the cladding on two sides and new windows installed. While the two replaced sides look fantastic, the sides yet to be completed now look somewhat unappealing in comparison. The cladding to the whole building will be replaced however now that we are well into the cyclone season the remainder of the work has been put on hold until after the cyclone season has concluded. 

Contract Accountant

Sue Voloczi will be arriving on island tomorrow for 5 weeks to assist the shire while its Deputy Chief Executive Officer is the Acting Chief Executive Officer. Sue has performed this task for the Shire previously in 2009 when a similar situation occurred. If you see Sue around please make her feel welcome.
Joanne Soderlund
Acting Chief Executive Officer