South End Road Update:

The Shire will soon be commencing work to sandbag the affected section of coastline to allow the rehabilitation of the road which has been eroded away. 
There are suitable low tides at the beginning of March to allow the base layer to be properly installed.  The Shire would like to thank the community for their continued patience and the airport for allowing the detour which will remain in place until the work is completed. 

Home Island Flooding:

The Shire is aware of the ongoing flooding issues that Home Island faces whenever there is a sustained period of heavy rain. The Shire met with representatives of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development last week about a potential solution to help ease the issue. The Shire will be putting forward a formal proposal to the Department requesting funding for the project.
The Shire would like to thank the Administrator Natasha Griggs for her assistance in raising awareness of the issue. 

Yacht Club Shelters:

Work has commenced on the building of two new shelters at the Yacht Club in the new area that has been created south of the shed. The shelters are being placed directly in front of the swimming only area and hopes that all residence and visitors enjoy these new structures.