Cocos Islands Youth Council (CIYC) was formed recently in 2007. The Youth Council will be able to provide a unified representative voice in youth matters, with assistance from the Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands, to improve the communication and cooperation between the community and the youth of Cocos Islands.

CIYC members Asmidah and Yati facepainting the kids during Australia Day celebrations

Banners in the Terrace Project in 2008

There are currently 25 young people on the Council aged between 14 and 24 the majority being of Cocos Malay origins. The Council represents all youths on the Cocos on both Home and West Island communities.

Since its’ formation the youths on island have been very active in involving themselves in planning and organising and also assisting other non profit organisations in organising community activities for our local people.

A building located on Lot 327 on Home Island is the Youth Centre. The youth council have been maintaining the centre since it began in 1999 with regular clean ups, plantations, paintings and minor restorations. The youth centre is well utilized by young people and they have currently brought their own gym equipment from home and practice weights each afternoon together. The majority of the young people use this facility in some form of another.

The youth centre has many benefits for young people whom live on a remote small community it provides them with a sense of ownership and creates an environment in which they develop.

For further queries relating the CIYC please contact our Youth Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CIYC assisting IOT Health Services staff in the International Blue Light Disco

Assisting the Shire with the relocation and cleaning of the Pulu Kokos Museum