The Council consists of seven councillors, with the President elected by the members. The Term of office is four and two years. The first full election under the Local Government Act 1995 (WA) (CKI) was held in May 1993.

Councillors are elected by residents of their Ward. Council elections are held in October every second year.

The Council meets as a body on the last Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held on either Home Island or West Island.

Your members of Council are:

Name Position Term
PIRUS, Balmut MR President 2017
CAPSTAN, Yakin MR Deputy President 2017
JADA, Noor MR Councillor 2017
CLUNIE-ROSS, John MR Councillor 2017
IKU, Wati MRS Councillor 2019
YOUNG, Jan (Ayesha) MRS Councillor 2019
DEDIAN, Woren MR Councillor 2019